Types of Delivery

There are 2 types of deliveries . The type of delivery can be chosen at the time of booking the consignment. This can also be later on changed at the destination office, based on the consignee’s convenience.

Office Delivery:

The consignee come to our office and collects the consignment himself and consignee unload the consignment on their own expenses.

Door Delivery:

The consignment is delivered by our own vehicle without any extra charge within 5 kms. Above 5 kms if party requested to door delivery we will charge extra amount for this service.(depending on distances freight will vary).


  • Door delivery and Door pickups will be done, only if the freight is 2.5 tonnes above and 8 kms above from the KLS station
  • All the parcels range less than RS.100 has to be paid at booking station. (example : books, covers and small packages)